I'm Jason. I make things on the internet.
You may already know me IRL as Pitman, Pitt, JP, or ff4500.

I'm the Creative Technology Director over at BaM in Indianapolis. I've been at BaM for the past 15 years – starting off with design and print production, and gradually moving over to full-time interactive development.

Previously, I've had the good fortune of working alongside lots of great people at Apple, DTH (Daugherty Tegarden & Hanley), and NUVO Newsweekly. I've also regularly contributed to community/non-profit organizations like Naptown Roller Derby, iMOCA, Big Car (Big Car Collaborative), The Athenaeum Foundation, and TedX. Education-wise, I attended both the University of Indianapolis and the Herron School of Art + Design.

Problem solving comes in many forms. I've always had the desire/drive to fundamentally understand how things work, which always pushed me down the path to (at least) try to do everything myself. Some lessons were learned the hard way, but overall, the desire to never stop learning always led me on to the next thing. Both my hobbies and work/personal projects continue to push me to always be better. While I typically assume the role of a [full stack] developer, I'm always glad to have the flexibility to "wear the hat that fits" for any given role, task, or project that comes my way.

Those that have known me at various points in my life could have considered me to be one (or more) of the following: skateĀ­boarder, dad, party rights advocate, the "Iron Lung", pizza enthusiast, pocket grandpa, punk-rock aficionado, or probably an asshole at one point or another. I will neither agree, nor disagree with any/all of the preceding designations.