Hi, I’m Jason. People usually call me Pitman, Pit, or Pitt, depending.

I live in an old house with the rest of the Pitman family, somewhere in Indiana.

I’ve been a developer at BaM for the past 13 years. I used to be the creative director for Naptown Roller Derby for their first 12 seasons. I do things for iMOCA, Big Car and TedX on occasion as well. I do print and web things. I went to Herron and U of I.

I post photos to Instagram, write things on Twitter and do things on Github. I mostly ignore Facebook and LinkedIn.

I also have a homelab that I like to mess with.

Get in touch with me: jason at thisdomainname.


Things said on this site reflect my opinion(s) only and absolutely don’t reflect any opinions of my employer, client or person other than me. Taken out of context, I usually sound like an asshole, which isn’t anything new.