Hi, I'm Jason. People usually call me Pitman, Pit, or Pitt, depending.

I live in an super old house with the rest of the Pitman family, in Indiana. When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm usually working on something related to the house or barns. I also have a homelab that I like to mess with and sometimes break (to the extreme annoyance of the rest of the members of the family, when they can't access the internet or watch TV).

I guess you could call me a full-stack print developer, in the sense that I do both print and web things. I do frontend, backend, IT, print and whatever else a job calls for. I was once referred to as the "Iron Lung" of the my department (at a previous place of employment). I'd say these days, I'm more of a "Kitchen Sink" kinda guy though. Take that as you will.

I've been happily employed over at BaM for the past 13 or so odd years. I was previously the creative director for Naptown Roller Derby (for their first 12 seasons). I also do projects and IT things for iMOCA, Big Car, The Athenaeum Foundation and TedX on occasion as well. I went to school in Indianapolis at both Herron and U of I.

I sometimes post photos on Instagram, I occasionally write dumb things on Twitter, and I organize my projects and things over on Github. I mostly ignore Facebook and LinkedIn, but you (ugh) still kinda need to have those in this day of age.

You can get in touch with me by sending a message to jasonatthisdomainname.


Things said on this site reflect my opinion(s) only and absolutely don't reflect any opinions of my employer, client or person other than me. Taken out of context, I usually sound like an asshole, which isn't anything new.