Media Diet (OCT)

Inspired by Kottke's media diet, and pushed to write things for Curiosity Motive, here's my list of stuff that I've been checking out/watching/doing in the last month or so. Some good stuff in here for sure. (I might make a post of the opposite too, things that I've watched that you should avoid. Hah)


Finally sat down and watched Spider-Man: Far from Home with the family. I should have gone to see it in the theater right after it was released. The movie itself was fine, but something about it left me with an uncomfortable feeling when it was over. On the flip side, rewatching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse fixed all that because it's a fantastic movie.

Also, just now getting around to rewatching classics with my kids, since they've never seen them. This week, it was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It's enjoyable to watch my 6 year old not able to sit still and be totally engrossed in a movie. "Dad, this movie is really EXCITING!" LOL


Netflix has been busy at our house. Started with Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, which I'm 2 episodes into. So far, it's really interesting. The OA S2 is a trippy ride. I felt really let down at the end of S1 for some reason, but S2 has turned that into a positive. It's really a different kind of show, and it's really hard to watch during the day (It's soooooo visually dark in some scenes, the sun shining in the living room window really kills it. Watch it at night.) Abstract: The Art of Design is always great. The episode with Olafur Eliasson is especially spectacular. Highly recommended. Another Life was a quick watch. Then again, I'll watch anything with Katee Sackhoff, no matter how bad. YMMV there. We had to stop watching The Handmaid's Tale because of lack of time to really watch it. But it's still so good, if not the most terrifying depiction of how people can be that I've seen in awhile. Preacher is insane as usual, in a good way. I have to wait until a few of these air, as I tend to binge through 5 episodes at a time. Always high up on the list. Finally sat down and got into Letterkenny. I had to rewatch the first episode with the wife a second time because it was so funny. We watched about four episodes in the first night and were both in pain from laughing. I can't remember that happening since watching the first season of Jackass on MTV with the shopping carts. It was another time.


Borderlands 3 is out. I haven't bought it yet, but I will. And I will sink way too many hours into it. XBOX Game Pass is the best/worst thing ever too. (Thanks @Justin) I had just purchased Hollow Knight on the Switch and played it a bunch, but of course I had to start a new game of it on the PC too just because. 2for2 is still the most addictive game that I've ever played. I definitely have a problem there. I was also stupid and bought Stardew Valley (on iOS), so I look forward to losing the rest of my free time once I sit down with it. See you in 2020.


As if I have time to read... but I can always pretend! About halfway through the Beastie Boys book. Great insight into some of the background of some of my favorite albums of all time. Picked up The Sociopaths Guide to Getting Ahead and Edward Snowden's Permanent Record. Will get to those at some point. Also, really into Mike Montiero's Ruined by Design. It was so good that I bought it in zine format too.


Coltrane. Always Coltrane. And the new Slipknot. Otherwise, it's been back to classic rock - Grabbed the AC/DC complete discography (And I mean complete. This is like ALL of the release versions of every album, single, live album, etc from everywhere. It's a lot of stuff.) Finally grabbed the Black Sabbath Black Box, since I seem to have some missing tracks here and there. I needed all of the Ozzy again. And of course, the new Tool. Which is meh, but I'll keep listening to it over and over anyway. Getting into Cult of Luna and Stoned Jesus a lot more lately, because it's really easy to write code to stoner drone rock music.


Well, restoring a barn takes a lot of hobbies and wraps them up into one thing. I now know how to hand lap timber beams, cut my own oak pegs, install board and batten siding, frame windows, and I just built my second set of stairs in so many weeks last night. It's like building a house, but where you have to tear down the current house in parts and rebuild it in place again. Fun and terrifying at the same time. Also exhausting. So tired all the time...