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This is where I usually post quick updates, thoughts, links, and anything else that doesn't necessarily need a whole long-form post of it's own. I suppose that it's kind of like Twitter, only I happen to be the ONLY asshole... And it's not full of dipshits that say asinine things like "All Lives Matter", when I say "Black Lives Matter" 🤷‍♂️.

September 3rd, 2020

Joshua Budich - "Mind Tricks" Series One

Just picked up a few of these awesome Star Wars prints. Figured that it was worth putting out there for everyone else to check out as well.

Get them over at Spoke Art - Joshua Budich - "Mind Tricks" Series One

Side note: I have a lot of things that I need to frame. I should start building some frames.

September 2nd, 2020

Updates (and why one tends to procrastinate during a global pandemic)

Why exactly is it, when faced with an abundance of time, we still manage to put things off? With the current state of the world, I've been focusing on tasks that probably "don't matter" in the grand scheme of things. Finishing up the granary, cleaning the shop, mowing grass, working on projects that don't have an end, etc... Lots to do, and none of these are a priority, right?

The short of it is this: It takes my mind off of other things. Working in front of a computer all day, using most of my brain power up early in the day – The last thing that I want to do is sit down in front of a computer and work on freelance projects or something else that makes me actually expend more brain juice. Doing manual labor (or those types of things - using my actual hands) works out to be a decent balance and resets things somewhat. I still can't seem to remember to put away that giant pile of clean laundry, but that seems like a necessary tradeoff.

With that said, I finished up the last group (hopefully) of battens that I need to prepare so that I can finish up the outside of the granary this weekend. Ripped rough cut lumber to size and painted everything up. Once they're dry, we're ready to rock. The goal is (with the holiday weekend) to finish up the outside completely, so I'm in better shape than this time last year.

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