Bring Da Ruckus: Taming the neverending bookmark mess

Here's my initial attempt at collecting all of my writings on wrangling bookmarks, and the eventual project to actually build something to sort and aggregrate them.

Read the original article on bookmarks for some back story.

Here are my tests/notes on various services that I currently want to fetch data from. These will be updated/added to as I explore them further and experiment:

Source Description
Amazon Fetching user created lists/wishlists, maybe even current cart data?
Browser Grabbing browser bookmarks
Dropbox Loose bookmarks/files in Dropbox? What else?
Email Pinned/Flagged/Important messages, maybe even full archive and backups
Facebook "Liked" data, saved items, marketplace listings?
Feedly RSS feeds and curated lists
Github Repo lists, starred repos, user info, Gists
Goodnotes todo
Houzz todo
Imgur Uploaded images, saved images, liked images
Instagram Uploaded images, bookmarked images, lists, likes
mltshp Saved images!
News Starred news items? To read later list?
OneTab Straight up exported data, since that's our option here
Pinboard Bookmark exports
Pinterest Pinned items, groups, ???
Pocket Things saved to Pocket
Reddit Reddit "saves" - Exported as JSON files
Slack Files uploaded? Starred items?
Standard Notes All note export
Todoist Not sure what to do here - check out API calls
Trello All the things
Twitter Groups, Tweets by my user, bookmarks, liked tweets
Youtube Subscriptions, saved playlists, uploaded videos