This is the reddit bookmark test page. It's not done yet.

Reddit stores your "saves" and allows you to access them via JSON. Cool. The default export length is 100 entries per file. That's fine, if you don't save a lot of things, but unfortunately, I do.

You can access your own saves via

The "quick" method?

  • Load up the JSON url from above
  • Open up a save dialog and save it locally (to your computer)
  • At the end of the json file is an "after" key. Take that and append the string to the url:
    Say my string is t3_ewfqjy, then we'd do:
  • Rinse and repeat until you've grabbed all of your data

So, obviously that's a big PITA to do manually. Well, good news. We can (and want to) automate this, so let's do that now.

Note: This information is current as of April 2020. I can't guarantee that any part of it will work for you, as I'm sure they're constantly updating their API. As always, YMMV.